Anxiety Disorders and Bipolar Disorder

This paper analyzes and examines anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder, including treatments available and recommendations for improving the awareness of these disorders.

Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most devastating psychological illnesses. Providing a concise and detailed overview of the various types of anxiety disorders and the different stages of bipolar disorder, as well as a discussion of treatment options, the author argues that while improvements have been made to the treatment and understanding of these illnesses, further improvements are necessary, including the integration of drug therapy and psychotherapy.
“Despite the increasing awareness, education, knowledge, treatment, and understanding of psychological disorders, there is still no clear-cut, quick fix, and uniform method available to diagnose and/or eliminate (or at least reduce) mental illnesses and psychological disorders. Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most common mental illnesses that prevent an individual from functioning normally. While most individuals may arguably prefer to remain ignorant of the existence of anxiety disorders and/or bipolar disorder, the fact is that more than 23 million individuals suffer from anxiety disorders (Harvard, 1) while more than 3 million individuals suffer from bipolar disorder (Hollandsworth).”

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