Anything Is Possible

1 January 2020

Deborah Gibson: songwriter, producer, arranger, singer, and to top it all off, a great piano player! How many singers do you know who write, produce, and arrange their own music, as well as perform it and play an instrument? Not many have the talent to accomplish this and most hire professionals to do it for them. This is not the case with Debbie Gibson. Twelve of the 16 songs were written, produced and arranged entirely by her. Her career took off when she was only sixteen with her first album, “Out of the Blue.” Obviously, she already knew what she wanted to do. She released five hits, including her #1 song on the countdown, “Foolish Beat.” A couple of years later she came out with her second album, “Electric Youth,” from which she had three hits: “Electric Youth,” “No More Rhyme,” and the #1 song for three straight weeks, “Lost in Your Eyes.” “Anything is Possible” has been out for a few months, but it has not done well yet on the radio. But if you liked her first albums, you’re bound to love this one. “One Hand, One Heart” is another #1 song. If you know Debbie Gibson’s type of music, then you know that she’s always written songs that give a positive feeling and put you either in a relaxed or a dancing mood. As Debbie says on the cover: “Throughout this album there is an ongoing theme: This theme is about being positive, standing up for yourself and others, reaching for the brass ring, and getting what you feel you deserve out of life.” Though her new album hasn’t exactly sky-rocketed up the charts, it is still only the beginning. Remember, “Anything is Possible!” n

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