Ap English Certainty And Doubt

Being certain about something can sometimes be misleading or misunderstood. You either assure certainty or question doubt. You can easily be a cocky football player, think you have the best team, and go into the game knowing you’re going to win and have no doubt that the other team is better than you, but end up losing. But as soon as you have doubt and get intimidated by the other team you instantly try your best to win the game, no matter the obstacles and challenges you go through and prove to the other team you’re better.

Yes, it’s true that when you are certain about things faith and arrogance takes over and leads us to become acknowledged or at the top. But why would someone great and successful ever experience doubt? In society we have to know what we want to accomplish and how we want to get it done. One can be doubtful on being able to attain the dreams, discoveries, and challenges that come towards our life. But in the positive, a lot of the times you doubt your self so you can have the ability to push yourself to do bigger and better things.

For example, you can surely take a test in class and think it’s easy and be certain that you did really well on it. But, there is always that doubt that you didn’t do well because you didn’t study or weren’t well prepared for this test. When you know something you not only have an opinion, but that opinion is true. We can’t just say because we believe something, it is certain. Although everything we know is also certain, not everything we think is certain is known.

A person can be certain about something that is true but in fact is, he can be wrong about it. Certainty and doubt go hand in hand because too much certainty can make a person close-minded and ignorant. Not willing to accept facts based on illogical connections to the opinions of others that have an influence strong enough to cause an irrational mental model of what is acceptable to base future opinions on and this leads to decision making that does not follow logic, but rather a misguided, irrational and closed minded.

It is highly important for certainty and doubt to coexist and interact with each other to keep us in reality. Sure enough, certainty can help us to accomplish what we want to. But doubt helps us visualize limits and know how much of something we need to accomplish. Everyday I go through doubts. I doubt I’m going to finish this essay, I doubt I’m going to make it through another day of school, I doubt I’ll be able to pay my phone bill before this week, but at least I’m certain about when I come back from New Orleans this weekend I’ll be more than broke.

But we as humans are made to accomplish and succeed. Giving up is not an option; more like doubting yourself isn’t. But with certainty helps us find what we really want to get done. Like this essay for example, It might not be the best in my class, (doubt) but I know I did well enough to get through my goal for this semester, which is getting a eighty or higher in all my essays for AP English.

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