AP Lang John Downe Rhetorical Analysis

6 June 2017

John Downe utilizes logic, emotional language, and his credibility to persuade his wife to come to the United states very effectively. The most effective of these are his emotional appeals. Downe uses a lot of emotional language to persuade his wife to feel a certain way about coming to the United states; he wants her to want to come. Downe also appeals to his wife’s emotions by explaining that he misses her as well as their children in paragraph two. Downe addresses his wife as “Dear Sukey” and he says “All that I want now is to see you, and the dear children here, and then I shall be happy and not before.

Downe also states his regret for leaving Sukey and their children behind, and apologizes for doing so: “l should not have left you behind me… it was sore against me. ” Downe says these things to make his wife feel as if he would do anything to have her there with him. Downe also states “l would rather cross the atlantic ten times than hear my children cry for victuals once. ” Downe, in a final-ditch effort, tries to explain to his wife that she will find a few inconveniences on the way to America, but they will pass quickly, while also trying to inspire her for the Journey ahead.

AP Lang John Downe Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

Downe appeals to his own credibility by making a rebuttal statement to the argument, saying that “It is a foolish idea that some people have, that there is too many people come here. It is quite the reverse… ” In this statement, Downe is explaining that those who oppose him are wrong and why they are wrong. Downe is trying to make his wife understand that he is there, living in America, whilst those who oppose the idea are not actually living there or they would know and think the same way he does. Downe also states that he knows his wife will enjoy life in

America, which he is able to claim because he, as her husband, knows her better than anyone, and as a person living in America can say that better than anyone who does not live there. Downe appeals to his wife’s sense of logic by explaining that he has found a Job in America: “l have got a situation in a factory… ” and goes on to explain that his boss is taking care of him, and that the people were hospital. Downe also describes a sense of security in America, saying “They do not think of locking the doors in the country… ” as well as describing how much things cost, implying that they will save money by iving in America.

Over all, Downe appeals to a sense of logic by explaining how America is different from england. Downe appeals to his wife’s senses of emotion and logic, and his own credibility in this letter to his wife. Downe explains that America is different than england, that they will save money and feel safer, to appeal to her sense of logic. Downe utilizes his wife’s emotions by explaining that he misses her as well as their children, and credibility by reminding his wife that he lives in America already and implying that she should listen to him because of this.

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