Systems of Thought and Belief The material I learned in the Political Science 10 lecture has already helped me understand the foundation of belief systems and the diversity of each religions viewpoint. The notes clearly helped me grasp the concept of everything we’ve been learning and the major aspects of the civilizations. Understanding what a belief system truly is, was difficult for me to first grasp.

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While trying to figure out whose impression was “correct,” I was baffled on what portions of the information I should mash together. Taking in each lecturer’s interpretation and watching their teaching techniques, provided a solid background on the information. Comparing and contrasting the religions side by side, helped me visualize how different each belief system is. The concept of, all religions are ideologies, but not all ideologies are religions, made everything link together and click in my head.

The sternness of each elision is so diverse, that it’s difficult to think one religion can be completely accepting verses being extremely exclusive. Each belief system grows off each other, taking bits and pieces of each religion; reading how everything came to be presently is astonishing. Regarding all of the diverse ideologies and belief systems, each strives at one stage or another. It is hard deciphering between the truth of a concept and a biased opinion while reading books or watching a presentation.

I thought mom excellent points were discussed both in the utilization of comparing and contrasting various beliefs and the limitations of biased opinions. Staying open- minded with each impression of the meaning was critical personally and I think it’s important to understand some people work well with lectures and others need other tools to help them comprehend the material. I thought the combination of each lecture was helpful and truly reinforced the idea that there are many impressions and beliefs in one mechanism.

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