Ap Us History Court Cases

1 January 2018

The court upheld the constitutionality of detention camps for Japanese-Americans during World War 2. Ex part End (1944). The court forbade the internment of Japanese-Americans born in the U. S. (Nisei) Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954, Warren).

Unanimous decision declaring “separate but equal” unconstitutional. Gideon v. Handwriting (1963). Extends to the defendant the right of counsel in all state and federal criminal trials regardless of their ability to pay. Sobbed v. Illinois (1964). Ruled that a defendant must be allowed access to a lancer before questioning by police.

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Miranda v. Arizona (1966). The court ruled that those subjected to in-custody interrogation be advised of their constitutional right to an attorney and their right to remain silent. Roe v. Wade (1973). The court legalized abortion by ruling that state laws could not restrict it during the first three months of pregnancy. Based on 4th Amendment rights Of a person to be secure in their persons.

U. S. V. Richard Nixon (1974). The court rejected Richard Onion’s lain to an absolutely unqualified privilege against any judicial process.Bake v. Regents of the University of California (1978).

Ambiguous ruling by a badly divided court that dealt with affirmative action programs that used race as a basis of selecting participants. The court general upheld affirmative action, but with a 4/4/1 split, it was a very weak decision. Clinton v. Jones (1997). Rejecting an appeal by Pres. Clinton in a sexual harassment suit, the Court ruled that a sitting president did not have temporary immunity from a lawsuit or actions outside the realm of official duties.Boy Scouts of America v.

Dale (2000). The Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America could dismiss a troop leader after learning he was gay, holding that the right to freedom of association outweighed a New Jersey anti – discrimination statute. Bush v. Gore (2000). The court ruled that manual recounts of presidential ballots in the Novo. 2000 election could not proceed because inconsistent evaluation standards in different counties violated the equal protection clause. In effect, the ruling meant Bush would win the election.

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