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11 November 2016

This article addresses the difference in professionalism post completion of a BSN versus RN degree. Participants in this study were evaluated three months after completing their BSN and were found to be more confident in the community roles, documentation, and leadership roles. Also mentioned was the importance of being politically active and joining professional organizations. The study was somewhat limited due to the small number of participants. Article 2 reference: List entry in correct APA format. Megginson, L. (2008). RN-BSN education: 21st century barriers and incentives.

Journal Of Nursing Management, 16(1), 47-55. Brief summary paragraph (in your own words) of approximately 3-4 sentences: This research article discusses the modern-day barriers and incentives of BSN education. Some barriers included in the article are lack of time, fear, and the lack of recognition and differentiation for a higher degree. Incentives discussed include being able to continue working, the belief that with a BSN comes more credibility, and achieving personal goals. The primary implications addressed are that BSN prepared nurses have better patient outcomes and hold higher leadership roles in nursing.

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