Apple Case Study

8 August 2016

The mobile personal computer industry and the mobile phone industry Mobile personal computers are PCs that can run on batteries and that are easy to carry on. It can be said that they are an evolution of the traditional personal computers. To describe the industry, it is important to start by defining its segments : The industry is concentrated, with few competitors dominating the market : Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Samsung. This industry has been suffering considerable changes with the emersion of the Tablets and the decline of the notebooks.

However, notebooks are still the most known segment and the largest market share. So, in this analysis they are going to be considered as the main segment. Their key success factors are the following: Key Buying FactorsKey Competition FactorsKey Success Factors Intuitive Familiar technologyIntuitive Software AutonomyDistribution channelsCapacity Price Size Post sale serviceProduct developmentEconomies of scale Customer Support Brand Reliability

Apple Case Study Essay Example

The Mobile phone industry is one of the most attractive industries to study nowadays: it is growing rapidly and it is in permanent improvement and change . Similarly to the previous industry, mobile phone’s industry is concentrated with Samsung, Nokia and Apple leading the market. Its segments are the smartphones and the feature phones. Key Buying FactorsKey Competition FactorsKey Success Factors “Next Generation Experience”Innovation AutonomyTechnology/Product Features DesignProduct differentiationProduct line

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