Applied linguistic is a field of study that identifies, investigates, and offers solutions to language related problems and help with acquisition the mother, foreign and second language. Therefore, applied linguistic can be used in all aspects of language for example, to describe the techniques that we going to learn and use. It permits us to examine the structure of language and its role in the communication, we can also observe how children acquire language, it helps us know the cultures use the language. Through the years, the applied linguistics and teaching have had important relationships with linguistic and psychology. Applied linguistic have designed syllabuses and test used around the world. Most of these tests have been based on general ideas about language learning.

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Applied linguistic for educational field has a bigger importance because the teacher knows how to help his students. For example, in an elementary school the teacher should know the topic and he knows techniques of how to teach his students to read, to write, and understand the relationship when students write and speech. This is important because students associated the rules of L2 with the L1 and these don’t confuse them.

It is important to know that the purpose of applied linguists is practical doesn´t mean at all that I can spare the theoretical developments. The goal of acquisition for applied linguistics shows students that when they know the different fields of this science, it will facilitate the learning of new language.

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