Applying the Full-Range Leadership Model

5 May 2017

As the new wing safety officer, I have been asked to eradicate the trends in safety mishaps and make sure there is a process in place to prevent future occurrences. This paper will outline an analysis of the current leadership, the application of the Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) concepts in my solution, a plan of action, and set goals to track progress. The Analysis Based on the interviews conducted with the previous safety officer and the team members, I noticed that each member has various strengths that can be utilized in a new campaign to combat the safety issues.

Understanding these strengths has helped me to identify their leadership styles under my predecessor’s reign. Col Parker exhibited a passive management by exception approach with my predecessor, Capt Matthews. As a transactional leader, Col Parker assigned the task to Capt Matthews, monitored his performance, and then stepped in when things were going awry. Capt Matthews failed to make an impact on reversing the safety mishaps trend. This was primarily due to him exhibiting a laissez-faire approach when it came to exploiting the talents of his team to accomplish the mission.

Applying the Full-Range Leadership Model Essay Example

His past experiences gave him the tools to ascertain success, but not developing SSgt Williamson’s willingness to engage others, and her proactive community involvement or apitalizing on MSgt Jones and Mr. DeBurgh’s seasoned experience and wealth of knowledge specific to the base was his downfall. Moreover, Lt Johnson was allowed to be a non-engaged member of the team. He was not given a leadership role or an opportunity to employ his skills in management and marketing leaving him unmotivated.

The Application Leadership comes from top down and in this case Col Parker needs to enhance her transactional leadership tools from Management by Exception to Contingent Reward or CR (discussed later in the plan of action) and strengthen her transformational leadership. She exhibits individual consideration by treating the members within the wing as family, not Just subordinates. She has the people behind her simply because they know she genuinely cares about them and their well-being. This can be capitalized on as part of a new campaign to put an end to the mishaps. MSgt Jones and Mr.

DeBurgh have a plethora of experience between the two of them that can be harnessed and developed. I will provide the intellectual stimulation (IS) for these team members to get them back in the game to provide ideas for a new safety conquered based on prior experiences and MSgt Jones can possibly provide cutting dge technologies in mishap prevention from the classes he takes. SSgt Williamson is ready and willing to work wherever she is needed. She’s been placed in an administrative role, but her passion regarding the recent mishaps surpasses her knowledge of file plans.

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