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10 October 2016

During the period of lease for the 11 months the lessor or the lessee can terminate at any time during lease period by giving three calendar month’s notice on either side respectively. 8. The Lessor or his authorized representatives will inspect the premises whenever necessary during reasonable hours, with prior intimation to check the status of the premises. 9. No alterations of any kind of the premises or any part hereof may be carried out by the Lessee. 10. The Lessee undertakes to maintain the rented premises in good condition. Reasonable wear and tear is accepted.

The Lessor will be reasonable for carrying out all minor maintenance in the premises, which will be limited to repair leaking pipes/taps, blocked drainage and sewerage within the premises. 11. If the Lessee is desirous of installing the air conditioners in the premises, the Lessee may make the necessary changes for alterations subject to the restoration to the original shape when possession is handed over in accordance to the clause 14 of this deed. 12. The Lessee agrees not to sub-let the demised premises or any part thereof and also agrees to use the above demised flat for residential purpose only. 3. In case of default of the faithful performance of any of the conditions the lease is liable to be terminated irrespective of the period above mentioned. 14. The Lessee agrees to deliver possession of the demised premises on the expiry of the period of the Lease bounded by this agreement in as good conditions as it was when the Lessee obtained possession. 15. The Lessor agrees to bear if any additional security deposit demanded by the Electricity Board subsequent to the occupation of the premises by the Lessee. 16.

Appointment Letter Format Essay Example

The Lessor further agrees to make adequate arrangements for the provision of water facilities. 17. The Lessee shall not stick anything on the walls, cupboard, doors and switchboards and not to throw anything from upstairs through the window. 18. The Lessee shall not hammer nails without prior permission from the Lessor. 19. Lease agreement is renewable at both the parties consent and Lessee shall pay an increase of Rs. 1000/- every 2 years. IN Witness thereof the parties above named have set their hands and seals on the day. V. SEKAR M. HARI DASS (LESSEE) (LESSOR) WITNESS

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