1 January 2018

Approaches: biological psychodrama and behaviorism describe the three; what they are and in huge great of detail if question is mark if not Just a brief sentence or two for each of them.

Evaluate approaches: include strengths for each of them and also limitations sum it all up; come to an end of your essay and then come to a final opinion for example and ending could be: after researching all of the approaches I believe that there is an element of truth and accuracy in all of the theories but I also believe hat one does not work without the other.A good example of this would be if subject a was born and had two different life’s, for example if she was brought up in care and treated badly they would be a different person than if they had been brought up In a caring family home. This is a good example of how to end this essay, but I advise you not to Include the word ‘I’ yes I know I have but it Just fitted in, In what I was trying to say but at times you can infant loose marks in certain essays so It Is safer to avoid using It If possible.

Approaches Essay Example

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