No one can deny that the conflict between arbitration and foreign languages has become a serious issue that set all Moroccan talk. This conflict opens the eyes on the gaps that the Moroccan educational system contains, and put Education Ministry in a very embarrassing attitude.

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The conflict between Arbitration and foreign language learning can be solved if Moroccan educational ministry make a curricula that respect Arbitration as a mother tongue and concentrate it concerning foreign language learning taking into consideration that foreign languages became very important in this era, also language education must be independent from Arbitration , for example : The program of teaching a language should not rely on Arabic thinking that it will provide a better understanding, this change will lead Tao new direction that don’t extend Arbitration nor reverses it, but make a well and a fruitful use of Arbitration and foreign languages as well. To solve the problem of Arbitration and foreign languages learning, The Education Ministry should work on new strategies of learning these languages that don’t attack Arabic.

Because it is the mother tongue of Morocco , so its usage in The curricula will confirm the cultural identity of Morocco and will preserve the cultural heritage of the language, However, it is needed to provide learning of the foreign languages and encourage this process because they have became very important and required in many field of studies that’s why the government should determine the tips to enrich the foreign languages learning its tern learning foreign language should be taken as mean of progress not as a goal itself in order not to attack Arbitration and culture . Also Arabic must be thought in a right way . So that, the Problem of Arbitration and foreign languages can be solved. Arbitration and the use of Arabic in the Educational system is not a good decision.

During the French colonization ,Morocco had adopted an educational system that relied on French in teaching as a basic language ,but after the government worked very hard to offer a new Educational system that use Arabic instead of French

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in order to put an end to the French indecency ,but what made things worse is that the teachers were not given a training on how to teach the curricula on Arabic instead of French, so as result Education lost the its quality ,that’s why Arbitration was and still is not a good decision, Also the French language is still dominated in Morocco as Chubb said , ” The elite made sure that their children grew up more proficient in French than Arabic since French has always been the language of commerce in Morocco. “(Chockablock) Which approve that Arbitration is a bad decision as long as French is the vital language in Morocco. Foreign Languages education must avoid using Arabic as supporting languages. At first it sounds useful and helpful to use

Arabic as a bridge to learn foreign languages, but in fact it is a mistake that should be corrected ,relying on Arabic to learn another language will Just make the situation worse than it already was ,because learning a foreign language requires search and effort and native speaker of the chosen language ,so if the student for instance relies language ,then it will be Just a waste of time and a wrong learning strategy, that’s why avoiding the use of Arabic in foreign languages learning will have a great effect on foreign languages learning. The result of avoiding the use of Arabic in language education will give a foreign language learning with a good quality and will make learning Arabic itself very independent.

As I said before Arabic language is the mother tongue of Morocco, so it must be thought as special course in order to preserve it, that also will make the foreign language learning very independent and fruitful so as to help improving foreign language learning ,even the process of acquiring a foreign language will become easier. The conflict of Arbitration and foreign languages is a serious problem the the Moroccan educational suffer from, so the challenge is to make a balance between the Arabic language as native language and foreign language learning as a necessary of the era , Arabic can be thought in a new way that really reflexes its importance as an official language of the country ,also foreign languages learning can be improved if it has an independent way so as to end this conflict and look forwards improving the Educational system Work Cited Chubb, Boucher. Arbitration and Language Policy: The Case of Morocco and Algeria.

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