Stephan Rumba Final Assessment The united States of America Is home of millions Immigrants from around the world, People from Europe, Africa, Asia, America have immigrated to the united States. That is probably why the United States is a melting pot today with different cultures, languages, and religions. Among those immigrants, we can cite the Arabic group. The Arab American Institute states that Arab Americans constitute an ethnicity made up of several waves of immigrants from the Arabic-speaking countries of southwestern

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Asia and North Africa that have settled in the united States since the sass. According the national website Arab America, It is estimated that the number of Arab American living in the US is 3 millions and about 80 percent live In urban area. People usually assume that all American are Muslim. In fact, almost every major religion is represented in the Arab American community (Rabbinical. Com) and most of them are Christian which include Marinate Catholic, Milkiest Catholic, Syrian Catholic, Callahan Catholic, Roman Catholic, Antioch Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox,

Cockpit Orthodox, and Protestant. In the united States, Over 89% of Arab Americans over 25 have obtained at least a high school diploma and more than 45% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 28% of Americans at large. About 60% of Arab American is in the labor force with 5% unemployed (Arab American Institute). Most Arab American still fallows their beliefs, customs, and traditions while living In the United Sates. They value family, friendship, and hospitality. They prefer to live close to each other in order to stay in touch.

They are against premarital sex, specially for females. Females should preserve chastity and fidelity. Arab Americans thinks that Americans are too lax on family values. A common stereotype about Arab American is that they are all Muslim and consequently they are bloodthirsty, fanatical, and anti-Western (vermiculite. Com). Another misconception about them is that they are nomad and that they oppress their women. Even though women are more protected by laws In the United States, the percentage of physical abuse of women is higher in the US thanin the Arabic countries.

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Arabs American has a long list of stereotype. They are considered to be, thieves, murderers, dirty, crafty, corrupt, highway robbers, dope runners and white slavers. (vermiculite. Com). I personally think that media and television portray and perpetuate these stereotypes. In many Americans movies, terrorist are usuallyfrom an Arabic country. For Instance, most of the terrorist in the TV show ah were from an Arabic country. The Wall Street center bombing on September 11, 2011 and video of the war in Iraq made these stereotypes stronger.

Assimilation was easy In American society by the fact that the majority ere Christian (vermiculite. Com). Arab American doesn’t consume pork. Within each group in the Arabic American community has their own dialect even though many of them are very similar. Not many of them wear the tradition dress and the scarf important decision and women are in charge of nurturing children, doing homework, and taking care of her husband. The University of Dayton reported that since the early sass, FBI and INS agents have launched widespread investigations of Arab and Arab-American in major cities all over the United States.

This minority group is often cacti of racial profiling and prejudice in airport, promotion at work, in the traffic, and in stores. To conclude, there is a large number of Arab American in the US. They combine both their home culture and the American culture to some extent. As a minority group in the United States, they face prejudice, stereotypes, racism, and harassment. Some of them reported that they have been honked at in traffic. With all of these problems, some Arab American is successful. They can be found in politics, business, sport, law, military, and entertainment(Arab American Institute).

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