Arcade Fire “Funeral”

What is that I hear? Is that a riff from a guitarist? A cadence from those drums pounding beats in my head? Or the waves the fingers make on the keyboard blowing supersonic sounds from every corner?

Yes, it’s Arcade Fire with their “Funeral,” which offers a polyphonic beat sure to make anyone dance. This Canadian group offers an original sound with keyboard, pan flute, guitar, drums, bongos, recorders, even a string orchestra. No strangers to experimentation, they are busting out onto the music scene.

The first four songs are sure to catch the attention of fans of real music. From here the album gains intensity, the story unfolds and you can’t help but be sucked in. Their catchy lyrics and powerful beats are sure to capture the minds and hearts of everyone whose ears they find. Cleverly, they inject their French roots into “Une Annee Sans Lumiere,” giving it a unique style that will stand out from the monotonous lyrics of today’s music.

Each song tells an individual story, with a theme running throughout, a theme of neighborhoods. It’s an amazing story of a snowed-in neighborhood and two people forgetting everything they have ever known.

The single “Rebellion (lies)” broke out onto such programs as Fuse Music TV Network and even MTV to show the world what Arcade Fire is all about.

If you are into Bloc Party or The Unicorns, you will fall in love with this band. Don’t miss “Funeral” because these Canadians are here to stay. .

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