Archetyepes Essay on the Mask of Zorro

9 September 2016

The Mask of Zorro There is a story of losing love ones in the face of evil and corruption. To change a man who has lost everything to have him gain so much honor, fame, and love. To destroy who caused you suffering and avenge those who have fallen for you. To reveal that to gain so much, you must lose everything you used to hold so dear. Everything is avenged when a hero holds The Mask of Zorro.

Throughout the movie, they’re multiple archetypes presented as scenes move on, such as the introduction of main characters, death and rebirth, and spiritual gain. The Hero must go on a Journey to avenge the lost, he must face evil and corruption, to find what he has lost has reformed him into a good man. At first, the Hero is portrayed as a drunken thief who aimlessly risks his life to avenge his emptiness of heart. Alejandro Murrieta, a man who has given his life to become a successful petty thief with his brother, Joaquin Murrieta.

Alejandro is the supposed “Hero” of the movie, a man who steals is apparently a Hero. At a failed theft, he lost his dear brother to evils hands. A frail looking old man with extreme knowledge of fighting and skill , Don Diego de la Vega, prevented Alejandro from his death by proving to him that he can be trained into a weapon and can help avenge his pain. Diego became The Hero’s Mentor. He is the Hero’s savior and trainer that will guide him with the knowledge to defeat all evil that would stand in his way.

The Hero is now a strong figure that represents freedom and justice at this time. Alejandro has the will to learn and eventually take on his Mentors tasks. Jung initially defined the Hero as a man of honor, courage, and spirit, yet the movie presents a twist in the archetype by having the hero as a thief. His Mentor sends him on The Initiation to retrieve a horse for Zorro, the test to challenge his skills to prove he can continue with any mission, comparing to “The Odyssey”, when Homer had to complete his madden voyage, if he failed he would come to nothing.

To test Alejandro, he had to battle dozens of men to get out of a situation alive yet still achieves his objective. Eventually, his true task came, The Journey, to find out his truth and to avenge the lost and destroy the evil that will sure destroy everything in its path. Captain Harrison Love, the Devil figure, the man who murdered Joaquin. He is a sharp, cruel, and deadly military officer trained in only killing and has been hunting Alejandro ever since his brothers’ death. Another Devil Figure is Don Rafael, Captain Love’s Commander, and Diego’s nemesis.

Rafael took away Diego’s wife, Esperanza de la Vega, and his daughter to raise as his own, Elena de la Vega. With Diego losing everything he held so dear to him, he has the motivation to train Alejandro, because they both understand what it is to lose everything. You see the battle between Good Versus Evil and Heaven Versus Hell between the Mentor and the Hero against the evil and corruption that has taken away their lives. Near the end of the movie, Diego manages to reveal to Elena that she is his daughter.

Only in the hands of death did he leave his true mark on both Elena and Alejandro. Diego has trained Alejandro into a hero, representing the Water vs. Desert, the loss of his mentor made him into a true hero of honor. With Death comes Life. The death of Diego de la Vega, the once masked Zorro, the hero who tried to save as many lives as he could to fight for a just cause, was passed on to a worthy apprentice. Now Alejandro was faced with the title of Mentor, having a son that he would one day train in his morals.

Archetypes in literature and movies emphasize and indicate who the characters are and what role they have. Jung presents the Hero as the main character with the fantasy of saving humanity and freedom. The Mask of Zorro has The Hero, The Mentor, The Devil Figure, Water vs. Desert, and Good vs. Evil. The overall theme, combined with all of the archetypes and organization of this move, is however difficult life may seem in the darkest of moments, there is always a moment to become what every person needs.

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