Architectural Branding

3 March 2017

The 4Pā€™s have been extended to 7Pā€™s namely: Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence and Process. Architectural Branding is an important element of Physical Evidence very strongly prevailing in International Brands e. g. Calvin Klein, Nike town, D&G, Prada etc. With the changing Indian Market scenario and customer awareness Indian Brands have now realised to incorporate the culture of Architectural Branding as an important brand element. Possibly Brands like Colour Plus, Wills Lifestyle, Sepia also are trying to incorporate the concept of Architectural Banding.

Therefore through an exploratory research on the related topics of branding it was felt that architectural branding will help us in the long run in the industry and would widen our horizon of knowledge. Down the line I felt that this concept would be taught to us in our course curriculum of Fashion Management. Through this topic of Architectural Branding we would get to learn about basics of Architecture, Interior Design and Design Space and relating these subjects to the Market Research and Consumer Behaviour.

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Information Needed ? Introduction to Architectural Branding Concepts of Architecture ā€¢ Material ā€¢ Types of Structure ? Architecture in Retail ā€¢ Exteriors ā€¢ Interior Design ā€¢ Store Layout, Design &

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