Are Cell Phones Safe? Lately, there has been a lot to question about whether or not cell phones are sate. Many people think mobile phones can cause brain cancer, brain tumors, or other harm tryout body. Others might say that cell phones are safe to use. I think cell phones are safe. Some people might tell you that cell phones are not safe while you drive. This can be true but It also can be incorrect. There are different ways to make your phone safer in the car. For example, you could use a Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth can be connected to your car or you can get a device that goes on your ear This way o can have both hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road. Many states have also mad laws against testing and driving. So far 35 states have banned cell phone use, Another thing that makes cell phones safe is you can use then in an emergency. If you get stranded somewhere, for any reason, you could use a mobile phone to call someone for help. With a cell phone you don’t need to walk around to find a land line phone, such as a pay phone. You can use a cell phone anywhere at any time.

Having a cell phone could save many people in the case to an emergency because to the tact hey can call for help. People might say that a cell phone puts off radon and can cause your body harm, but this is not true. It Is true that cell phones put of radiation, scientist have done several test on this, and proved that it is not enough to harm you In any way. Scientist have proven several times that cell phones can not cause brain cancer, brain tumors, or any other harm tryout body. Cell phones do not put of enough radiation to hurt the molecules in your body causing harm to you.

There are ways to limit the amount of radiation that comes from your phone, too. You can do things like, sing a headset with

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your phone or putting it on speaker. Scientist also say to hold your phone farther away from your body, and simply to limit the time you spend talking on the phone. Cell phones are safe to use. Many people may think otherwise put they are mistaken. Cell phones can be safe when you drive by using a headset with your phone. Mobile phones could save your live in an emergency. They would allow you to call tort help it you ever needed it, anywhere, anytime. Scientist have proven that cell phones do not harm you In anyway. Ell phones are safe and I hope you now relies hat. Sources: Cell Phone and Testing Laws

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