Are Miracles A Reality?

3 March 2019

Miracle- 1. An occurrence or act that is inexplicable. 2. A wonder or marvel.

Some people believe in miracles, while others say that the amazing things around us are just happenstance. But there are some things that simply… are inexplicable (not to be explained, comprehended, or accounted for). Many scientists, doctors, scholars, and other people of great knowledge try to explain how and why they happen. Yet they find themselves at a loss of words. I believe in miracles because I have witnessed the deaf being able to hear, a child who became everything the doctors said she never would be, and an acorn which grew to be a mighty tree. While some may say that these are things that just happen by chance, do they really believe that miracles are just make-believe? In this essay I would like to share with you, dear reader, just a few of the miracles that I have been privileged to observed.

Are Miracles A Reality? Essay Example

Julia S. seems to be a completely normal woman; she has eyes, ears, hair… she seems just like everyone else. No one would know just by looking at her that she has a wondrous testimony unlike any other. When Julia was born, her parents found that all of her senses were in proper working order… except for her hearing. For the first fifteen years of her life, Julia heard only the sound of silence. But one evening, something inexplicable happened; she suddenly heard something new. Music was surrounding her, people singing all around. Never again would she be confined to walls of her mind. To this day, if you asked her what she believed happened, I’m sure she could only say that is was a miracle.

Ashton M. was born in St. Vincent’s hospital in February 1997. Her mother was rather irresponsible- she had smoked and taken many drugs while Ashton was in her womb. This hurt Ashton’s health, and when she was four months old, was put into a foster home. The doctors said that she would definitely grow to be mentally retarded and have learning disabilities because of what her mother did. When Ashton was two years old, some very nice people adopted her and renamed her. She is now fourteen years old and has nothing wrong with her. She has absolutely no mental disabilities, and is a straight A student. Some people may say that it was simply a mistaken diagnosis of her condition… but she believes that it was a miracle.

One more miracle I would like to tell you about may not be something you would expect in an essay. Many think it is a simple fact of life… yet, it is unexplainable. This miracle is an acorn. It can be the size of a nickel, but if you plant it in the ground and give it time, it will become a mighty oak tree. How can something of such a small size grow to be almost 60 feet tall? No one can explain it. Not scientists, not scholars, not even a science teacher can truly comprehend how this can be. No one can place the life on the inside of that seed. No one can force the tree to grow. It really is, a miracle.

By this time, if I do not have you convinced that miracles exist, then I may as well say I have failed. If the deaf being able to hear, a child growing to be completely opposite to what the doctors said she would be, and a tiny acorn growing to become an oak tree cannot sway your opinion… then perhaps nothing ever will. All your life, you may believe that miracles are just fantasy; a wild hope from someone’s imagination. But to me, a child who was told she would always be handicapped because of her mother’s mistakes, and everyone else who has had “an occurrence or act that is inexplicable” happen in their life, miracles really are in our reality.

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