Are Our Zoos Cruel to Wild Animals

12 December 2017

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals? Is our zoos are or aren’t cruel to wild animals. This Is the most Interesting question for the protection the animals.

In my opinion, this Is not true. First of all, there are a lot of zoos In the world, and the people go there by see different species of animals and animals that are In danger. Secondly the zoo protected the animals and they try to help these animals in danger of extinction.As a exult when we go to the zoo we like to see the different animals and If the zoo doesn’t take care of these animals, they could die. In conclusion, animals live better in zoos. Than in the Jungle, because in the zoo they have a lot of things. In my opinion zoos aren’t cruel with animals.

Are Our Zoos Cruel to Wild Animals Essay Example

But sometimes the people us animals like an object. At zoos animals where there only because the people see them. The child go to the zoos because Is absolutely fun and different.If the zoos use the animals to make bad things or “to exploit them” so we could say that they are cruel with animals. For example, if they take a dolphin and they do it going from a place in the other one, we could say that this it is to be a bit cruel. In my conclusion, I think zoos aren’t cruel with the animals.

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