Are Parents Always Right?

6 June 2017

But most of the times its the insecurity of the parents especially in the major chunk of the middle class population of India, that determines the decision making of the parents towards their children. Every decision they make depends on which aspect of the child and the perception of the parenta at that point of time. Sometimes what the parent could not achieve in life, they want to achieve such lost or unattempted goals through their children, Consequentially with the change of time, the interest levels of the child are undermined and sacrificed.

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Are Parents Always Right?
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What the parents could not achieve then, must have been pertinent then… but not today. It is this missing link of the thought process, which brings in conflicting situations in the minds of the child. Yes when it comes to imparting moral values parents can never be wrong. No parent wants his child to succumb to bad things in life. But it differs when it comes to complexed aspects like career and mental bridging of the child are concerned No parent can be right all of the time because they would have to be perfect and there is not one person in this world that can truly claim to be perfect.

Parents make mistakes, can have bad judgement at time and don’t always understand how different the world is now from when they grew up but lets face it they also have that much more experience than we do. A lot of what we go through growing up they have been there done that so I do not think its right to completely disregard what they have to say, but that doesn’t mean that every time they will have the right answer. Either way I do believe because of there experience there opinion/advice should be respected. ————————————————- Top of Form

Bottom of Form Parents are Always Right! fren123 — 11:15 Tags: parents right decisions children Do you really believe as parents, you are always right? Yes, in a way, you do. After all, your children may be too young to make any decisions for themselves. Well, you are right when: ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You decide to enroll your children in the best school in town Most parents believe that their children deserve the best. That is why you choose the best schools. You believe that your children will get better education there.

You believe they will befriend children from good families. You also have confidence in the educators in the school. You are right here. Good schools produce good pupils; and eventually responsible citizens of the country. There are many good schools around. If not, and when you can afford it, a private school is a good option too. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You decide your children should learn only what is important In most cases, you are right. Children have very short attention span. It is good to keep them focus all the time.

They need to learn a lot of things in such a short time. So, as any loving parent, you decide for them. Your children will be grateful to you for they do not know what is good or bad when they are young. You have been through, so, you know better. You believe that besides school, your children will need to attend some creative and skill classes. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You always believe that your own children are better Children like the fact that their parents are always proud of them. You boost their confidence when you show your support for them.

You tell your children how proud you are of them. Of course, you do not compare your own children to others openly. Yet, you do and will not hide your pride when your children did something to make you proud. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You are strict with your children You know instilling discipline in children takes a lot of time and patience. That is why you are strict with them. A ‘yes’ is always a ‘yes’ and there is no ‘other wise’. You develop special time tables for them so that they do not have time to be ‘lazy’.

Your children will know you mean business. Although they may find you not ‘so friendly’ at all times, they grow to be disciplined and much better persons. Many times, you have to sacrifice for their sake. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You voice your expectations to them  Your children will not know what you expect from them unless you tell them. You will be surprised to see that they are keen to show you their capabilities too! You know they have tried their best even though they have accomplished below your expectation.

When children know their parents’ expectations, they seldom have reasons not to achieve. They may not want to do what you want, yet, they will be happy when they receive the attention later. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You decide to allow your children a break All work and no play is not going to make a child another ‘genius’. You decide to take them to the coming funfair or a movie as a treat for their hard work. Bravo! You are on the right track. Children need ‘encouragement in action’ and not just some mouth praises. They want to be able to feel your involvement in their lives too.

Taking them somewhere for a change will definitely help them to enjoy being your children. ;! –[if ! supportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You want your children to achieve their own dreams Most parents aspire to see their children to be successful in one way or another. You are the kind of parent who believes your children will be successful with little help from you. You give them your moral support as well as love wherever they are. You encourage them to stand again when they fall. You may need to nudge your children sometimes but they will make it. <! –[if ! upportLists]–>????? <! –[endif]–>You sacrifice some of your social time to be with your children Children grow up fast. Soon, they are embarrassed to be seen with their parents. It is so ‘not cool’ to their peers. You know that, right? So, you make up more time by sacrificing your social time with your friends or special groups when they are young. You stay at home to be with them and do things with them. You know your sacrifices will eventually pay back. Children learn best during the first few years of their live. Their best teachers are their own parents.

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