Are Smartphones Running Our Lives?

8 August 2016

As of September 2013 73% of adults are using at least one social media site. Over the years technology has gotten more advance people are able to update, tweet, and blog from the access of any area now. Just a few years back there was no such thing as texting, Facebook or Twitter you would have to talk to someone in person. This act has slowly been decreasing, giving the opportunity to see someone face-to-face 11% of people would rather stay home and talk to them through a text or computer.

Peoples communication skills are decreasing rapidly, social media are at the tips of our fingers to even incorporated in the dash of your car now. This eliminates the need to pick up a phone or go speak to someone in person, they can see what you’re doing or where you are with one click of a button. In the future you can predict that face-to-face communication will be gone all together with everything being on a computer from school to your job.

Are Smartphones Running Our Lives? Essay Example

On your phone now you can download everything you want, from games, books, and other apps. Most people can sit on their phone for hours at a time and not even realize it. From experience you open up a game and tell yourself you’ll only play for 5 minutes then you’ll finish the rest of your homework, you look at the clock and you’ve been playing for an hour. You get to the point you don’t want to even look at homework because it is so late so you blow it all off and take the zero instead.

While older adults can focus a little better teenagers and young adults just can’t seem to put their phone down long enough to complete a task. They always have to know who text them back or when they have full lives again on their favorite game to start playing again. In the U. S today more than half of Americans own a smartphone. On your phone you can access any website or information you may ever need. People sleep/ health patterns are decreasing because of the accessibly. Americans are going to bed later because they have their phone right by their bed.

This causes them to stay up and play games or even watch a movie at night. Yes, it is nice to be able to look anything up at a given time but it worth losing sleep over a game? Most do not get the right amount of 8 hour sleep you need to function the next day. Being on your phone all night causes laziness, exhaustion, and decreases your overall health the next day. As the years go on smartphones will just be another way of living, the communication skills, focus and health will no longer be the same.

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