Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom

6 June 2019

My favorite death metal band is HERE! Children of Bodom is a Melodic Death Metal band out of Finland and are also signed with the legendary Nuclear Blast Records. I can’t find anything wrong with this band. It it among my favorite bands of all time, in my top 10 in fact, and is also one of my favorite Finnish bands, the only one that beats it is Nightwish. I like the catchiness of their songs and I love the band in general. But my favorite thing is the album Are You Dead Yet?. It is short, and straight to the point. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Tracklist: 1, Living Dead Beat, This the longest song on the list, but it also very good too. The classic style we all know and love is here on this song. Just listen to the lyrics. It is a very good song opener to a fantastic album. It does have a sucky solo though.

Are You Dead Yet? by Children of Bodom Essay Example

2, Are You Dead Yet?, this song was the first COB song I have ever heard. When playing Rock Band: Metal Track Pack, this was one of the songs on the list. This is brutal, and very heavy. It might even be the heaviest track on here. I love this song, it could even be my favorite.

3, If You Want… Prepare For War, this one I first heard while playing GH: Warriors Of Rock, good game by the way. Ever sunce then I liked the song. It still grows on me today. This song makes you feel like your on the battlefield and it sounds so good. It’s like Dream Theater’s The Enemy Inside but more brutal and alot better.

4, Punch Me I Bleed, so this is what Melodic Doom Metal sounds like, right. Oh wait ther is also Type O Negative, you know what, this song isn’t bad in any sense. It still doesn’t bring the score down at all. It is a really good song, but it is the weakest of the album. It goes comPLETLY off the usual COB radar. I like the song, but it isn’t as good in the album.

5, In Your Face, “INCOMING”, that is the sound of a fast, catchy, and literally in your face song. This is the track with cursing EVERYWHERE in the song, and I mean everywhere. It does, however, compliment the song well. It also has probably my favorite lyric in the whole album. “It’s my world, your in it. I’ll take you down in a minute” is the lyric in question. So with one final note, “INCOMING.”

6, Next In Line, this song starts out with a blast of heavy orchestra and then it goes into overdrive. This is the song in a nutshell. As soon as it makes it to the main riff, the song shows it’s true colors in a way that just makes it that much better. In my top 30 songs of all time and it will likely stay that way.

7, Bastards Of Bodom, Dear TeenInk staff, please don’t take this down because of that title, that is what it’s called. Anyways, this starts out with some very nice drumming that sets the speed for the rest of the song. The song is also fast, loud, and deadly. I truely recommend this song to anyone who likes Thrash Metal or anything super fast, I’m looking at you Dragonforce. Check It Out.

8, Trashed, Lost and Strungout, Origanally on an EP record, this is the title track to their EP before this. It shows that their style mixes Punk, Thrash, and Melo-Death Metal to make something amazing. This is no exception to this idea. That my friends is why I like this song so much.

9, We’re Not Gonna Fall, marking the end of the album, we have something suprizingly weak for this album but it sure fits, when compared to Punch Me I Bleed. I love the song though don’t worry. Nothing has changed. It has some nice core progression and a sickly solo to boot. So while this may not be the most epic way to go out it is a way, and a good way to go out. This is by far my favorite album of Children of Bodom, so far. I don’t think anything is going to change that fact. This has been theheavymetalist, and my next review will be Edguy’s 2014 album Space Police.


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