Argument Letter

1 January 2017

Dear editor, I am a 16 year old, and I am writing to you to explain how stereotypical and rude your editing is on teenagers, for example ‘what sort of example is this to set our children’ and ‘it’s all too easy to hate teens- try a little love instead’ I am very offended by the way you talk about teenagers and how we are all treated in the same way. For example when you talk about ‘’ the panda eyed girl’’, this may be funny to some readers but at the end of the day it’s her choice after all.

Not only is this offensive it can make teenagers feel very unconfident and shy so it also affects them mentally. I mean it’s quite fair to state the facts but not in such a disrespectful way like calling teenagers names. I thought adults were supposed to be more grown up about these things… At the end of one of your ‘disrespectful’ articles you decide to make fun out of us by saying ‘but, hey, you know, whatevs? this is incredibly insulting not only to me but the millions of teenagers who are reading this.

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You never get teenagers writing rude things about adults do you? Yes we might say it to you in person but don’t all people when their angry? Maybe you should be taking a look at the way we are treated and not how we treat other people because you just decide to taunt and describe us in such a hateful way that maybe you’re the ones with the problem not us. You have discriminated against us for the way we dress, the way we look and how we talk, which doesn’t define a person.

Maybe instead of taking the stereotypical teenager and applying it to all the teenagers your should get to know the different personality’s of teenagers and find out what teenagers are really like. There are so many different teenagers around and you just seem to think that there’s only 1 kind of teenager and that a gobby little thug who wears trackes and strolls around wearing a Hoddie and all that’s going through your minds is ‘I’m going to get stabbed, raped or jumped if I look at this teenagers, I’ll let you know me and my mates helps two middle ages ladies move their sofa because they were struggling with it.

Doesn’t that show how most teenagers really are, I bet you wouldn’t help them. Finally I think that you should have a look over what you have said and reconsider what you have said wrong and what you can change about it to make it a better article for all ages to read. I will be looking forward to reading your next article and hopefully I won’t need to speak to you again.

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