Argumentative Essay

1 January 2017

The novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, focuses on a woman named Janie Crawford and her adventure for love and her struggle for independence. Since both of Janie’s parents were not in her life, she is forced to live with her grandmother. One day, Janie meets a boy and kisses him; this single action dictates where the rest of her life will go. Later, Janie’s grandmother marries Janie off to a man named Logan Killicks.

The rest of Janie’s life is spent looking for her independence and for her true love, which she finds towards the end of the novel. The novel has received many reviews, most of which are positive. George Stevens, one of the reviewers, stated that the novel is “A simple and unpretentious story, but there is nothing else quite like it”. He also mentioned that there were a couple of weak spots in the novel, but other than that the novel is unique. The review he gave was realistic and straightforward. Also, the review was accurate with the book.

Argumentative Essay Essay Example

The review that Stevens composed is very agreeable because the statements he made are true and match up with the novel. One of the statements that Stevens pointed out was that the novel’s beginning was awkward and had an unnecessary preview of the end. There was no purpose for showing what the end looks like; it confuses the reader. Also, the title of the novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, is misleading, for the book doesn’t have much relevance to religion, or anything in that nature. I fully agree with Stevens’, for I thought the same of the book: it had some minor mistakes, but was overall a great book.

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