Argumentative Essay on Abortion

7 July 2016

Tribe my family is Batakness. Batakness culture is still important for Bataknese and also my family. A family wants a son in a family to continue the family tree to bring the surname of the family. Tradition of Batakness is not only about family name, but was associated with the wedding culture from Bataknese. Batak society, is familiar with the term custom; the term of the king indigenous peoples to show procession.

King of custom is someone who understands the tradition of Batakness. When my cousin got marriage in July 1, 2010, my parent came. My mother wore the Kebaya, and brought Ulos. Upon arrival at wedding hall, the first program was, they carry out “Manjalo Pasu-pasu Parbagason” or Marriage Blessing. The next program, I saw many people brought Ulos and sang Batakness songs, after that some people started to Mandok Hata (say something that important to the party).

Argumentative Essay on Abortion Essay Example

The wife of my cousin must walk to the family the mother and her father, so that the parents will put rice to her upper head, it is a symbol to the bride so that they receive much grace, and then the host told again to next program Gratings Ulos by Parties for the women. After that my cousin and wife walked to the family, immediately their parents sad, because they will be separated, after that the husband and wife walked to podium and sing together. The last program is Manggarai, the words of prayer and blessing.

The next program was entertainment of children, young people and also until to parents, many children went to podium for dancing and the name of dance is Manortor with music traditional Bataknese. I shocked, because my mother did not talk to me before. So, I should go and brought Ulos. I was really happy about that, because I got money from my uncle, brother and many people that also dancing. After that, I came back to my mother and I say, “Mom I got money and I have three hundred thousand rupiah” My mother laugh and said,” you have to good in Manortor, so that you get much money more than this money”.

And we were really happy. When I was a child, I don’t know the ceremony of Batakness, and also never saw them make the ceremony. I really want to know what they do. And now I know the traditional about my own ethnic, and it is the ceremony from Batakness. My planning, when I get married later, I want to have Batakness traditional for my wedding; because the ceremony from my ethnic is a mutual respect to each other and also teach the new bride to do the best for they own family.

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