Argumentative Essay Packet

Argumentative Essay Packet Essay format Title Page I. Introduction a. Attention Getter b. General Information c. Specific Information d. Thesis Statement II. Counter Argument a. Topic Sentence b. Evidence c. Explanation of Evidence d. Explanation of Why Your Argument is Still Correct III. Supporting Body Paragraph a. Topic Sentence b. Explanation of Argument c. Evidence d. Explanation of Evidence e. Closing Statement IV. Supporting Body paragraph a. Topic Sentence b. Explanation of Argument c. Evidence

Explanation of Evidence e. Closing Statement V. Conclusion a. Restate Thesis b. Summary of Each Argument c. Thoughtful Comment Reminder: Paragraphs are no less than 5 sentences, no more than 7 Step 1: Examine Both Sides of the Topic •When writing an argumentative essay you must include a counter argument •The counter argument recognizes that there are two sides to the topic and explains why your position is still correct To find your counter argument 1. Research your topic, and decide your position 2.

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Argumentative Essay Packet
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Using what you know from the text come up with 3 reasons that you support your position 3. Using what you know from the text come up with 3 reasons that support the opposite position 4. Choose the 2 strongest reasons that support your position 5. Choose the 1 reason in support of the opposition that you can easily challenge. This will be your counter argument Topic Statement:

Step 2: Writing a Thesis •A thesis statement is one sentence that tells the reader exactly what the entire essay will be about. It will include the counter argument and two reasons that support the position. •A thesis statement is always the last sentence of the introductory paragraph

To write a thesis statement you will: 1. In one sentence, state your counter argument then include the two reasons that support your position. Thesis Statement:

Most of this should be done, pull it together -Follow the format on the given outline Step 4: Topic Sentences •Topic sentences in an argumentative essay are based on the thesis statement To write a topic sentence you will: 1. Break apart your thesis statement. Create 3 separate sentences 2. One of your topic sentence can be your counter argument 3. Your second and third topic sentences will be the two reasons supporting your position 4. Use transition words at the beginning of each topic sentence Topic Sentence for body paragraph #2 (Counter Paragraph)

Step 5: Writing the counter argument body paragraph •The counter argument body paragraph contains a reason supporting the opposite position, but explains why your position is still correct. To write the counter argument body paragraph: 1. Write the topic sentence that contains the counter argument 2.

Write an explanation of why this is a reason that supports the opposite position 3. Include evidence from the text 4. Write an explanation of how the evidence supports the opposite position 5. Finish by writing an explanation of why your position is still correct Step 6: Write supporting Body Paragraphs -Follow format from outline Step 7: Write a Conclusion -Follow format from outline •These steps and their paragraphs follow the same rules and format as previously stated and discussed in class •Use transitions where needed

Follow the essay format given on the first page of this packet Possible Topic Ideas: Must be current event issues -Immigration Control- Student Athlete Unions -Gun Control* If you have an idea, it must be approved by me first. * -Legalizing Marijuana*No more than 2 student may have the same topic* -Legalizing Same Sex Marriage*Research well, topics later to be used for debates* – Standardized Testing -Celebrity Children: Paparazzi Control Argumentative Essay Check list Topic Approved5

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