Argumentative Essay-Parents Involvement

10 October 2016

Statistics show that children with both a motherly and fatherly influence are more successful. Believe it or not drugs are out there and will remain. Teenagers do have access to drugs whether it is through their peers or family members. Studies show that over seventy percent of teenagers have been exposed to alcohol over the past year. Based on the society of the world today is very common that parents expose drugs to their children and in some cases participate in illegal drug activities with them. As children are growing up and they witness their parents dealing drugs, taking drugs, and drinking.

All of this is a negative impact on the children and it is very harmful. A positive impact from parents in a child’s younger days to their transition to adulthood is very important in the way the child performs. Caring for a crying baby after birth is just as important as disciplining a child as a teenager. Studies show that a child that still lives with both parents at the age of fourteen is more likely to graduate college and possibly further their education than a child that comes from a home with a single parent or possibly no parent.

As a child starts school a good parent should be very heavily involved in their child’s school activities and should strive to make sure they are successful. When a child is in elementary school attending field trips and having lunch dates with a parent are just a few of the ways parents can begin to get involved. The most popular activity that children are involved in outside of school is participating in a youth sport. There are several parents who volunteer by coaching and then there are parents who just sit in the bleachers and complain about everything.

However there are also parents who never even show up to watch their child play ball. As many people have noticed sometimes it isn’t the best idea for a parent to coach their own child. In some cases it is negative and in some cases it is positive. Some parents show favoritism to their own child and give them special privileges but on the other hand there are parents who discipline their child more than others and push them to be as successful as possible. When there is a parent that is in the bleachers complaining about everything and other parents or players hear that then in some cases it may cause controversy.

As a child turns into a teenager and becomes more independent it is even more important that a parent is very involved in their life. As a parent, they should be aware of things that could easily attract their teenagers. If a parent is involved and guides their child in the right path then it will be less likely for them to stray off the path and get involved into something that they shouldn’t. Parents should plan fun activities for their children regardless of their age and it should be something that sparks their interest and that they would enjoy doing.

When teenagers become adults and begin to start a family of their own then parental guidance does not go away. Parents will know exactly what tricks and things to teach that way that their children can properly care for their own. They can be there just for advice or even as a babysitter. Parental guidance is very vital in today’s society and starts even before birth and never ends.

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