Ariana Grande by Ariana Grande

7 July 2019

Ariana Grande is a very well known singer. You might have heard of her for Victorious or Sam and Cat. But after she was done with doing TV shows, she went into her music career. Grande’s first album was Yours Truly in 2013. One song on the album is Honeymoon Avenue. It’s very upbeat and has great high notes. I think this album isn’t as good as her other but she’s gotten better. The My Everything album has some emotional songs. They seem to be about heartbreak and love. There’s Just a Little Bit of your Heart, One Last Time, and Best Mistake. There were a few upbeat songs but mostly sad ones. The album I really love is Dangerous Woman because it’s so classy and the songs have good beats. They’re very smooth and her voice is very powerful. Ariana is very known for her high notes. My favorite song is Thinkin’ Bout You. It starts off slow then the beat starts to pick up as she sings higher. It’s very beautiful and meaningful. Though I think most of her songs are amazing. Ariana has been a singer for a long time but she’s going into it the more she has grown up. She has come a long way. She can sing super high, which makes the songs sound sweet and smooth. If you get a chance listen to a couple of her songs. One of Grande’s recent songs is No Tears Left to Cry, which came out April 20th. It starts off slowly then the beat changes right away. She knows how to use her voice in many ways. She sounds great singing high and low. I recommend her if you like pop music and I will rate her music about 4 stars. You could play her music at parties and if you’re just hanging out with your friends. I can’t wait for her album Sweetner to come out. It doesn’t come out to July but I’m wondering what she has been working on for her fans. My favorite albums in order are Dangerous Woman, My Everything, and Yours Truly.I know her old songs were innocent at the beginning of her music career. Now they have more explicit language and meaning behind the songs. I hope you come across some of her song because you should really check out her

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