Aristotle’s Philosophy

1 January 2018

Aristotle was one of the first philosophers to take a scientific approach to uncovering the secrets of the universe. By using facts rather than sheer contemplation he was able to dig deeper into the truth. Although he is most famously known for his writings Aristotle’s intellectual range was boundless, covering most of the sciences and several of the arts, including biology, botany, chemistry, ethics, history, logic, metaphysics, rhetoric, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, physics, poetics, political theory, psychology, and zoology. He was the founder of formal logic. His work in these fields shaped the pathway for how we perceive these ideas today.In Aristotle’s works “On the Soul” he refers to the body as a condition of imagination, and the souls’ existence.

The focus of this research is to explore the soul, its pieces, and contents. While the point in his life at which Aristotle wrote his book “On the Soul” is still up for debate, what historians and scholars have agreed on is that the book was likely revised several times. On the Soul is split into three books in the first Aristotle talks about his belief that the soul being the source of movement through the body is improbable because it would mean the soul has to have a place in the body. From the beginning of on the soul, Aristotle makes it known that he believes a soul is more of an essence than a material thing. However, in the second instalment of On the Soul Aristotle studies the souls of all living things and argues that the soul is, in fact, the source of movement and the essence of lifeAristotle did somethings much differently than the rest of the philosophers in history, he observed the world for what it really was. Rather than working through thinking he studied the world first hand. Aristotle’s Four Causes research introduced the idea of causality which gives four possible ways to explain what, where, and why something is how it is they are material, formal, efficient, and final.

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