Armenian Literature Essay Research Paper Armenian LiteratureBefore

9 September 2017

Armenian Literature Essay, Research Paper

Armenian Literature

Before the debut of Christianity into Armenia in the third century AD, Armenian literature was Assyrian or Medo-Persian in character. After that day of the month, nevertheless, the linguistic communication, literature, and eventually the alphabet of Greece appeared in Armenian authorship, although eastern Armenia retained the Syriac alphabet. The interlingual rendition of the Bible into Classical Armenian, traditionally ascribed to the monastic and scholar St. Mesrob, and his systematisation of the Armenian alphabet in 410 opened a period of literary activity in the fifth century known as the Golden Age of Armenian literature. The chief Armenian authors of this age were transcribers. Other writers were the philosopher Eznik Koghbatsi, who wrote Refutation of the Sects, particularly valuable for its history of the Zoroastrian and Dualistic faiths ; Movses Khorenats, reputed writer of a geographics and of a history of Armenia ; and the sermonizer Eliseus, writer of History of Vardan and of the Battles of the Armenians.

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Armenian Literature Essay Research Paper Armenian LiteratureBefore
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Arab regulation over Armenia, enduring through most of the 6th to the tenth century, caused a diminution in the production of literature in Armenian. In the tenth century Thomas of Ardsruni, an of import historiographer, appeared, as did the poet and bishop Grigor Narekatsi. In the twelfth century the patriarch Nerses the Gracious, poet, theologian, and historian, wrote supplications and anthem still in usage. New literary signifiers began to

appear in the thirteenth century, but for the following four centuries Classical Armenian literature was confined to the monasteries. A organic structure of literature in the modern-day or common linguistic communication, nevertheless, was produced by such poet-minstrels as Sayat-Novain the eighteenth century.

During the eighteenth century Armenian folds were established in many metropoliss in Europe, every bit good as in Asia. A particular drift toward the saving of Armenian literature was given by the constitution in 1717 of a college and convent on the island of San Lazzaro near Venice by the Armenian archpriest Mechitar de Petro. In Venice, and at another fold established subsequently in Vienna, Mechitarist monastics are still bring forthing literature in Armenian.

Get downing about 1850 a modern school of Armenian authors came into being, particularly in the Russian and Turkish parts of the state ; the members of this school wrote entirely in the idioms of Modern Armenian. This motion produced plants in every literary signifier, though none of its authors won an international repute ; the motion is besides responsible for of import aggregations of Armenian folklore. After the initiation of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936, literature in Armenian was encouraged and carefully monitored by the Soviet authorities. The most successful field for the Armenian author in the twentieth century was news media, with many periodicals written in Armenian being published in assorted parts of the universe.

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