Armistice Day has Lost its Meaning

4 April 2015
A look at why Armistice Day has currently lost meaning for American society.

This is an argumentative paper that deals with the lost meaning of Armistice Day, or as it is better known, Veteran’s Day. The author argues that this American holiday has lost significance and meaning as a memorial day.
With 500,000 cheering, flag-waving spectators lining the way, and thundering drums flanked by nostalgic Glenn Miller swing music on the autumn air, tens of thousands of proud American warriors marched out of the past and up Fifth Avenue in New York’s largest Veterans Day Parade since the end of World War II. This 1995 parade was a victory of sorts due to the fact that, in recent years, Veterans Day observations have become, as Robert McFadden says, “desultory at best, with spectators often limited to passers-by walking their dogs or heading out for a quart of milk”(“On Parade”). This parade was evidence of a revival in veteran appreciation, and a renewal of Veterans Day as a much celebrated American holiday.

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But while this parade can be used to model a renewal in ceremony and enthusiasm, the true meaning of Veterans Day, or Armistice Day as it was originally called, has been lost.

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