Arrange marriage

6 June 2017

Arranged marriage is when parents or the whole family introduce the two people who do not know each other before. It divides into many dfference types . First type called love arranged marriage. It refers to parents Introduce the bride and the groom to know each other. When the bride Is ready to be married, the suitors are allowed to court her. Normally, the suitors have to submit their Information such as hobby, occupation and other details to the ladys family. Then, If they fall in love, the marriage is arranged.

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However, if they fail this relationship, the bride has chance to find another one. Second type called child arranged marriages. The bride and the groom are chosen to marry each other at birth. usually, it happens when two powerful families want to join as one. The last type called child forced marriages. Child forced marriage is difficult than the other because the children were forced to marriages to older people . Mostly, the girl get effect from this marriage (Ehow). The marriage that is chosen by the parents provides a lot of benefits for couple.

Young people in most Asian culture always trust their parents to find a best partner for them. First, arrange marriage can improve social standing and financial advantage. Both of parent’s side will help the couple to bulld a new house and will provide them some money to start a new life. Second, children are able to bring gratefulness and honor to their family because for young girl, If they marry to a good family, It considers as the way returning gratitude to their parents.

Moreover, married with omeone that parents arrange is a Khmer traditional culture and show their respect to parents. Last but not least, it is important for parents because parents can end up a very big duty in their life. For example, parents have to responsible a lot of duties such as earning money, educate their children and take care their health. Parents have to do these since their children born until they get married. After getting married, children must have responsibility for their own family. Therefore, parents can take off their heavy burdens.

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