Arranged Marriages Essay

10 October 2016

It’s a tradition Some might say arranged marriages are the right way to marry a person. Why you ask, because it’s a tradition. In many countries arranged marriages has been a tradition for hundreds of years, and it doesn’t look like changing. India is one of these countries among with Pakistan, countries in South America, Japan and Iran. These are countries with a big contrast between poor and rich. In a long time arranged marriages has been the way to keep down these differences. Most of the arranged marriages in the past were scheduled because a family did not have the needed amount of money to raise all of the family members.

A lot have changed; the most common reason for arranged marriages today is because the parents’ experiences to chose the right mate for him or her. Lower divorce rate Though you might think a random marriage isn’t healthy, Statistics place the divorce rate for arranged marriages much lower than for a normal marriage in the western world. This may be because the woman in the relationship often has lower influence in the relationship in the countries with arranged marriages, Or because the parents that choses the partner has a lot more experience than both of the spouses.

Arranged Marriages Essay Essay Example

Against: Money and social status is influencing Event though arranged marriages has changed a lot in the last years, money and social status still got an influence on who the parent want to marry their kid to. This is something that will never change. A parent may never be able to choose a mate for their child totally objective. It’s close to impossible to choose the destiny for a person you care about, and not to be influenced the other part’s horoscope, physical fitness, vocation, wealth, reputation, religion and caste and culture. Love or not love?

Though the statics shows that the divorce rate for the arranged marriages is lower than the normal marriages, a normal marriage is more “real” than an arranged marriage. In a marriage both parts agree to love each other till the death splits them. In arranged marriages this can’t be the case. Both parts in an arranged marriage don’t necessarily love each other, but they agree to marry. This isn’t good. All the relationships should be based on love not something else. Conclusion: Arranged marriages would not work An arranged marriage isn’t something to re-introduce to the western society.

If it still will be re-introduced to the western society, it would be like going hundreds years back in time. An arranged marriage isn’t the right way to marry a person. It is like a declaration to show your social status. I don’t think this type of marriages would work in any western European country, because of the active usage of human rights. I personally believe arranged marriages will disappear, but we’ve lived with it in hundreds of years, and we might live with it in a hundred years more. Before it eventually will disappear.

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