Arsenic And Old Lace Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Arsenic And Old Lace Essay, Research Paper

Get downing with Acts of the Apostless such as Abbott and Costello, and episodes of “ I Love

Lucy, ” wit is frequently the consequence of a misinterpretation. In the film,

“ Arsenic and Old Lace, ” the secret plan combines slaying and insanity.

“ Arsenic and Old Lace, ” apparently outlines a enigma or play, nevertheless

with the add-on of misinterpretation, it becomes a comedy. The wit is drawn

from the characters & # 8217 ; relationships with one another every bit good as the characters

themselves, being misunderstood. The film centres on two sisters, Abby and

Martha, and their nephew Mortimer. The misconstruing prevarications between the sisters

and the townsfolk. Abby and Martha are known as Sweet, sort, and charitable,

nevertheless, the town is unmindful to the sisters & # 8217 ; avocation of poisoning old work forces and

burying them in their basement. There is even a misinterpretation with the sisters

themselves, as they see nil incorrect with what they do, and do no effort to

fell it. Yet, the wit of the film is when their nephew, Mortimer, finds the

organic structures, and is rather flustered to detect how his aunts handle it with such

unconcern. Humor is besides found in the misinterpretation between Mortimer and

his Brewster household. Throughout the full film, Mortimer finds himself ashamed

of his Brewster name. He discovers that his aunts maintain 12 organic structures in the

cellar. Mortimer besides receives a visit from his moonstruck brother John, who,

like his aunts, slayings people. While Mortimer discovers more about his insane

household, he still must cover with his brother Theodore, who believes that he is

President Roosevelt. Finally, Mortimer commits his brother Theodore along with

his aunts to an insane refuge. The wit in this scene is at the very terminal of the

film when Mortimer finds out from his aunts that he is non truly a Brewster,

instead a boy of a sea boat captain. “ Arsenic and Old Lace, ” is non the

typical comedy, yet contains all of the elements necessary to suit into the wit

genre. The thought of being misunderstood is one so common ; it has appeared in many

movies, both play and comedy. “ Arsenic and Old Lace ” contains a secret plan

that is alone. The film & # 8217 ; s thoughts entirely are common, yet together they mix an

unusual blend of wit.

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