Art and Humanities

4 April 2015
An exploration of the relationship between the arts and humanities.

This paper studies the connection between the arts and humanities. It addresses the question of how the arts inform the way we act towards others. It looks at interpretation of literature and how both individual and collective struggles are portrayed in literature. The paper presents an panoramic history of the world and the way that artists of the time have tried to represent the events. At the end, conclusions are made about the proposed relationship between the arts and humanities.
“The most exquisite expression of the self is through art, be it literature, history theater, painting, sculptor and so on. From the wondrous Egyptian pyramids to the majestic statue of liberty, from eloquent Greek writer Homer ” who produced masterpieces like the Odyssey ” to 20th century literati like Palestinian journalist Edward Said ” who so brilliantly portrays the lives of the wretched and woebegone Palestinians ” to Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, every piece of art, all artistes depict one philosophy and that is Art for Life, representing Man’s struggle and how this endeavor has led to his evolution.”

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