Art Criticism in Education

4 April 2015
Examines definitions, theories, obstacles, techniques, roles of students & teachers, teaching standards, studio instruction, perceptual & conceptual responses.

Attempts to set and implement national standards for art instruction have met with little success in the United States. The process of developing such standards has, however, produced a number of novel approaches to teaching art. Among the most prominent innovations are the proposed incorporation of the concepts of art criticism, art history, and aesthetics into the arts curriculum. Yet, to take a single example, the idea of introducing art criticism into teaching has met with enormous resistance from entrenched interests, from those who assign a very low value to arts education, and from numerous parties who simply fail to see how such ideas are relevant to the education of children and teenagers. Reactions to the general idea range from outrage over the apparent desire to eliminate studio art classes, to rejection of the idea based on the inadequate arts..

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