An institution whose main objects include training artists in an academic tradition, ennobling the profession and holding exhibitions
used to describe artist’s practice of borrowing from another source for a new work of art
Balanced Composition
the placement of stuff in works of art in relation to each other through organization, positioning, and relative weights.
arrangement of elements so that no part of the work overpowers another
3 principals: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial
Camera Obscura
an optical device that led to photography and the camera. The device consists of a box or room with a hole in one side.
a box with a lens which captures light and casts an image on the opposite side
latin meaning “dark room”
italian for counterpose (opposite)
a graceful arrangement of the body based on tilted shoulders and hips and bent knees
shows relaxation and subtle movement; lively
a type of early photograph developed by Daguerre, which is characterized by a shiny surface, meticulous finish and clarity of detail. It’s a unique photograph that have no negative.
The picture is formed when the light-sensitive plate is exposed to light through a camera lens.
direct image where I copy cannot be made
the first photographic process
insight, understanding, gaining wisdom
a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition.
Genre Painting
painting in which scenes of everyday life are depicted
Hieratic Scale
A system of representation that expresses a person’s importance by the size of his or her representation in a work of art
History Painting
respect over history
depict a moment in a narrative story
large scale
fancy clothes
An intellectual movement in the Renaissance that emphasized the secular alongside the religious. Humanists were greatly attracted to the achievements of the classical past and stressed the study of classical literature, history, philosophy, and art.
Landscape Painting
an image that has natural scenery as its primary focus is usually a wide view of a coherent composition
a printmaking technique that uses a flat stone surface as a base. The artist draws an image with a special crayon (wax) that attracts ink. Paper, which absorbs the ink, is applied to the surface and a print emerges
Materials used
Manifest Destiny
belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable
a structure or something to remind people of a person or event.
a trend in sculpture and painting that arose in the 1950s and used simple, typically massive, forms.
Monochromatic Palette
colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue
the revival of a classical style or treatment in art, literature, architecture, or music.
Western movements in the decorative and visual arts that draw inspiration from the classical art and culture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome
A woman slave in a harem
Concubine in a Turkish harem
Oil paint glazes
A paint in which pigments are suspended in an oil-based medium. oil dries slowly allowing for corrections or additions; also allows for a great range of luster and minute details
style, artifacts, or traits considered characteristic of the peoples and cultures of Asia
One-point perspective
a single vanishing point that’s usually right in front of the eye
the support given by a patron (someone who gives money to a person or cause)
the art of creating portraits
Prix de Rome
A French scholarship for arts students, initially for painters and sculptors, that was established in 1663 during the reign of Louis XIV of France.
Realist Painting
The attempt to represent a subject matter truthfully
pastel hues dominate- extra life like
curving forms
color to create form and modeling
slender figures
fancy pretty clothing worn in nature benches and meadows
alluding to renaissance paintings and
focuses more on the emotions and connections of individuals in the painting rather than architecture
ex. The Swing, Self-Portrait
Romanticism/ Romantic Painting
A movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual.
ex. Liberty Leading People, and Y No Hai Remedio, The Grand Odalisque, The Oxbow
A government-sponsored exhibition of artworks held in Paris
Size (large means powerful and small means less powerful- hieratic scale)
production distribution should be regulated by community
Still Life
A painting of a grouping of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit
Any cathartic experience from the catastrophic to the intellectual that causes the viewer to marvel in awe, wonder, and passion
Adjective describing a concept, thing, or state of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual value; or something awe-inspiring.
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