Art Of War

6 June 2019

The long-awaited new release from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has come. Their fourth album, a double CD, shows once again Bone’s excellent ability to produce music. Despite the recent loss of Eazy-E (the men who gave the four thugs their first chance at “rappin”), the thugs have managed to produce, with the help of D.J. U-Neek, a new smash album.

The four thugs second album “Creepin on a Come up,” was a hit, and then the third album, “E.1999 Eternal,” went triple platinum, proving this new album is sure to be a hit. It shows a lot of different styles of rap, one song featuring 2-Pac, and in most songs, Flesh-N-Bone, the fifth thug who left the group, returned to sing with them. Director of the group D.J. U-Neek, also shows his rapping talent. Of course there is still that fast lyrical action with serious bass.

As usual with Bone, the more you listen, the more you love it.

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This double CD is a great buy and is worth adding to your collection. It features everything from slow rap to that fast, knock-your-socks-off music that Bone is so well known for. Expect to see this release a chart-topping smash hit, once again for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

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