Article medication ourselves

8 August 2016

In the article “Medicating Ourselves,” Robyn Sarah describes how anti-depressants are being used and advertised. Sarah states that anti-depressants are being used to relieve stress. In addition, Sarah mentions that not only adults are talking anti-depressant pills but also children. Sarah wrote how some children are taking anti-depressants because the teacher of the child recommended to the parent that the child should take the pill. Sarah said that she was no stranger to depression.

Sarah mentions how children are being put on anti-depressants such because they’re high-spirited and physically energetic. I believe if the adult who is going to take the anti-depressants pill has a major issue and it’s recommended by a doctor for the adult to take the pill then the adult should follow the instructions. However, if the adult doesn’t need the usage of anti-depressants then the adult should not use the pill. Anti-depressants pills can get addicting at some point. I think that children shouldn’t be taking anti-depressants pills because they’re too young to be on the pill.

Article medication ourselves Essay Example

First, people should take anti-depressants only if needed. Many adults that consume anti-depressants pills are treated well and some get cured. Most of the adults consuming the anti-depressants pills are consuming them because they’re stress out and feel lonely. They are adults who need anti-depressants pills who are not taking then and they are likely to commit suicide or become ill. It’s better to let adults take anti-depressants pills rather than seeing them dead. For example my mother takes anti-depressants pills because she has depression.

The anti-depressants pills help my mother feel happy and motivated. However, anti-depressants pills have some side effects to them. Some side effects are dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, and increase of heart rate. Second, adults taking anti-depressants pills should be responsible for taking the dose indication. If adults take the wrong amount of dose the medication can harm the body physically and mentally. Anti-depressants pills can get addicting at some point it all depends on how high the dose is and how long has the adult being taking the anti-depressants pills.

I believe doctors should be more careful giving out prescriptions because some adults might be consuming anti-depressants pills the wrong way. Sarah states, “If I swallow a pill to conceal my existential problems-an ‘equanimity’ pill—I may be easier to live with, but I may also be masking the need for some fundamental work to be done. ” I agree with Sarah because anti-depressants pills are not the answer to solving live problems. Adults should learn how to manage their problems without anti-depressants pills.

Third, Parents should be careful while putting their child on anti-depressants pills. I believe that it’s a problem when a parent or a doctor decides to give anti-depressants pills to a child because there are physically energetic. The article mentions that some teacher recommend that children use anti-depressants. Sarah article also states that some teachers are recommending the anti-depressants pills to children for the convenience of them and for the classroom to run more smoothly.

I believe it’s inhumane to give a child anti-depressants pills because of the way the child behaves. Anti-depressants should be taken with caution and with authorization of a doctor. For instants, my cousin is a very hyper kid and gets bored easily. I don’t believe that my cousin needs to consume anti-depressants pills to become calm and patient. My cousin is just acting like a kid her age, there is nothing wrong about her being the way she is. Therefore, anti-depressants pills are not something to play with. It is a drug and it should be taken with responsibility not as a joke.

In conclusion, adults and the parents of the children should be careful when consuming and giving their children anti-depressants pills. Why hard the body with toxics that are not needed. There are adults that actually need anti-depressants pills to be happy and see life as a new perspective. There is nothing wrong to be taking anti-depressant pills but adults should realize that they are side effects to the pill and consequences. My point toward this topic is if the anti-depressants pills are not needed then don’t consume them.

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