Articles Of Incorporation Essay Research Paper Marshall

9 September 2017

Articles Of Incorporation Essay, Research Paper

Marshall Muffler and Brakes, Inc

Articles of Incorporation.

Articles Of Incorporation


Marshall Muffler and Brakes, Inc.

Article 1:

Marshall Muffler and Brakes.

Article 2:

The nature of the concern is centrifugal vehicle organic structure fix and brakes.

Article 3: Stock capital

The maximal figure of portions of stock that Marshall Muffler and Brakes Corporation is authorized to hold outstanding at any one clip is 9 portions of common stock holding a par value of $ 1.00 per portion.

Article 4: Particular proviso

The stocks of this company is intended to measure up under the demands of Section 1244 of the Internal Revenue Code and the ordinances issued there under. Such actions may be necessary shall be deemed to hold been taken by the appropriate officers to carry through this conformity.

Article 5:

Address: 666 Roswell rd

Atlanta, Ga


Tele: 404 123 1234 facsimile: 404 123 1235

Name callings: Tinayo Kangai

Farhan Ali

Chris Smith

Article 6: Footings of being

This corporation exists perpetually.

Article 7: Lim

itation of liability

Each manager, shareholder and officer, in consideration for his or her service, shall, in the absence of fraud be indemnified whether so in office or non for the sensible cost and disbursals, incurred by him in connexion with the discourtesy of or officer of the corporation or of any subordinate of the corporation, whether or non entirely owned to the maximal extent permitted by jurisprudence. The waiving right of damages shall be inclusive of any other rights to which any manager, shareholder or officer may be entitled as a affair of jurisprudence.

This corporation shall hold a lower limit of one manager. The initial Board of Directors shall dwell of:

Tinayo Kangai

Farhan Ali

The name and reference of the incorporator is:

Marshall Muffler and Brakes

666 Roswell rd

Atlanta, Ga


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto set manus and seal on this twenty-four hours of Monday 20th July 2000.

Incorporator: Tinayo Kangai

State: Empire state of the south

County of Dekalb.

The foregoing instrument was executed and acknowledged before me this twenty-four hours of Monday 20th July 2000 by Farhan Ali.

Marshall Muffler and Brakes

Empire state of the south

My committee Expires: 20th July 2000.

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