Artifact Description

10 October 2016

I dated the document as when Barton actually was given permission to first go to the battlefield by Colonel Pucker. Then, I signed it as the colonel for authenticity. To be properly and appropriately clothed, Barton wore a dress even on the battlefield as it was disrespectful to wear anything less. The ~’Angel of the Battlefield” was known to wear a dress and apron. This artifact explains how Clara Barton was dressed most of the time. Miss Barton was given the task of finding and identifying missing soldiers, prisoners of war, and also dead men.

She’d write to family members of these heroes to tell of her findings. In this artifact, the letter is written from Clara Barton to ask people if they have seen any soldiers. One of Miss Barton’s later accomplishments was that of helping come up with the original first aid kits. This small and accessible tool forever changed the practice of nursing. It has a variety of helpful things in the case of an emergency. The First Aid Kit has developed over the years and has contributed to getting aid quickly.

Artifact Description Essay Example

The amethyst pansy brooch and smoky topaz brooch presented to Miss Barton by her dear friend, the Grand Duchess Louise, became her most cherished possessions. Clara Barton wore this brooch everywhere she went. It was one of her most valued possessions as well. “A Memory of Salferino,” by Harry Dunant was one of her favorite books to read in free time. The book gave her many inspirations and ideas of what to do in her life, it motivated her completely. The artifact helped her decide who she wanted to become. A newspaper was written in honor of Clara Barton. It explains why Barton should be entered into the power hall of fame.

The artifact was written a few years later after Clara Barton’s death and showed her impact and accomplishments. As I was looking through a box of Clara Barton’s belongings, I found a letter that was written to one of her cousins during the time of The Civil War. The artifact above expresses her feelings to her cousin and how she really misses her. It was one of the pages from her diary. An artifact which was the most important to Clara Barton was the picture of her father. He was a huge impact on Clara Barton’s life and after his death; she kept his picture with her through all of her journeys.

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