Artificial Heart

4 April 2015
Argues against use & effectiveness of mechanical heart on medical, economic, technological & ethical grounds, as opposed to transplants.

Do we need the artificial heart? The answer to that question depends on which definition of an artificial heart is used. Do we need to allocate resources to develop a fully implantable, self-contained, functioning, non-infecting, non-stroke inducing, artificial, and mechanical heart? No. Do we need an artificial means to support human life when the human heart is weakened by age and disease? Yes. The pacemaker is widely available and is useful in many situations where a person’s cardiac system is not functioning properly. Technology is constantly improving and adding to the options for patients with heart problems. The artificial, or mechanical, heart of the Jarvik-7 or the Penn State types, are not ethically or medically justifiable.

Artificial Heart Essay Example

The medical need for a permanent replacement heart to be…

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