Artists and Their Friend: Copyright

4 April 2015
This is a paper about copyright law and how it relates to visual and audio artists.

This paper provides a lengthy description of the history of copyright law in the U.S. The author discusses copyright laws, registration, congressional acts, standards and guidelines. The author also discusses copyright infringement, its repercussions, damages and defenses within the judicial system.
“Everyone doodles, writes, composes, paints, or sculpts. How does one protect oneself from their creation becoming copied? Moreover, if it is copied, what can be done to remedy the situation? The establishment of what is called a copyright is the protection against copying. Copyright is actually a set of rights, which ?include the right to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works based upon, perform and display a protected work.? (Fishman 12/2) In today’s society, focus is constantly on one’s rights. One right that is often overlooked and is seldom caught up in controversy is the right to control the copying of one’s creation. Even though seldom involved in controversy, copyright law is still an important factor in everyday life.”
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