As Long as Grass Grows or Water Runs Questions

1 January 2018

When Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State, he believed that the Indians should just be left alone. Once he became president, he wanted to remove the Indians. I believe he did this because he anted to gain popularity. .

Andrew Jackson’s early political/ military career foreshadowed his Indian policies as President because he was always was a tough and violent guy and hated the Indians since day one. Now, as president, he fully Was pro-Lillian removal and supported the bill to remove Indians. 5. Zion, unlike traditional histories, believes that it was no just a war against Great Britain for survival, but essentially a war for land to expand the country. 6. Zion’s view of Arthur Schlesinger The Age of Jackson andMarvin Meyers’ The Jackson Persuasion is that the books concentrate more on his political and economic accounts, not on his years battling the Indians. Both books make Jackson look like the good man; they don’t mention anything about him owning slaves and other heinous truths about him.

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7. Cherokees desired to fit into society. They began owning slaves an adopted Christianity as their religion. 8. The purpose of Zion stating that Jackson was declaring states’ rights for Georgia on the Cherokee question but attackingSouth Carolinas right to to nullify a federal tariff to show that Jackson wanted to stay popular 9. The Trail of Tears was the removal of the Cherokee Indians by the government, from Georgia to Oklahoma. 10.

The sign efficacy of the phrase “As long as grass grows or water runs” means basically that it’ll never happen. Jackson had used this phrase on the Indians. He said that the Indians could have their land and that no settlers would steal it from them, but Jackson had lied to the Indians because there land was still taken.

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