Asia and Continuities

7 July 2016

Choose TWO of the areas listed below and analyze how each area’s relationship to global trade patterns changed from 1750 to present. Be sure to describe each area’s involvement in global patterns around 1750 as your starting point. Latin AmericaSub-Saharan Africa East AsiaThe Middle EastEastern EuropeNorth AmericaSouth and Southeast Asia 2003 Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on ONE of the following regions between 1000 C. E. and 1750 C. E.

Be sure to discuss continuities as well as changes. West AfricaSouth AsiaEurope 2004 Analyze the changes and continuities in labor systems between 1750 and 1914 in ONE of the following areas. In your analysis, be sure to discuss the causes of the changes and the reasons for the continuities. Latin America and the CaribbeanRussiaSub-Saharan Africa 2005 Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492 to 1750.

Asia and Continuities Essay Example

2006 Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in one of the following civilizations during the last centuries of the classical era. Chinese, 100 C. E. to 600 C. E. Roman, 100 C. E. to 600 C. E. Indian, 300 C. E. to 600 C. E. 2007 Analyze major changes and continuities in formation of national identities in ONE of the regions listed below from 1914 to the present. Be sure to include evidence from specific countries in the region selected.

Middle EastSoutheast AsiaSub-Saharan Africa 2008 Analyze the change and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region from 650 C. E. to 1750 C. E. 2009 Analyze continuities and changes in patterns of interactions along the Silk Road from 200 B. C. E. to 1450 C. E. 2010 Describe and explain continuities and changes in religious beliefs and practices in ONE of the following regions from 1450 to the present. Sub-Saharan AfricaLatin America/Caribbean

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