4 April 2015
This paper investigates the issue of multi racial Asians living in different countries.

An evaluation of the opinions of multi racial Asians living in different countries and a review of the problems they face. Articles by two authors who have addressed the issue according to their own experiences as part of a multiracial community are discussed. These are Lonnae O’Neal Parker’s:” White Girl” Cousin Kim Is Passing. But Cousin Lonnae Doesn’t Want to Let Her Go and Remy Gastambide’s Living in Shame. This paper also discusses issues relating to Tiger Woods’ multiracial identity.
While considering the experiences of Parker, who is a multiracial woman living in the United States; it has been observed that the major problem faced by the multiracial individuals is that of their identity. They are ever confused by the question as to which group they belong to? She shares her experience of how her mother was being questioned about her as to whose child was she and what difficulties she went through during her childhood. She shares the thoughts on how the multiracial families try to escape from their identity in order to get accepted by the society. In this regard, she shares her experience with her cousin who considers herself as a white person just because her skin gives an impression of a white women, eve though she is a multiracial individual like her.”

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