Asian and American Women in the Media

4 April 2015
Compares how the American media portrays female Asian athletes and female American athletes.

This paper compares and contrasts Asian women in professional and competitive sports against American women that are engaged in the same sports. The author emphasizes the role of Chinese and American women in the Olympic games. He then demonstrates how the popular media in the United States tends to present female Asian athletes as being overly dedicated to their respective sports to the end goal of drug use or cheating, while female American athletes are presented as being dedicated but also are completely honest in all respects.
” The American and the Asian medias treat their own female athletes much as they would their male athletes, but it is evident that the American mainstream media tends to portray Asian women as athletes that are not really competitors but are instead almost monstrous. In articles from the 1998 Summer Games, for example, the allegations that the Chinese athletes were using drugs allowed the media to vilify these women. ”
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