Asian Immigration

4 April 2015
An in-depth study of Asian immigration to the United States.

This paper explores Asian immigration to the United States during the 1970s. It describes the impact Asian immigration had on America since that time, the different Asian groups who arrived and the social and political reasons for their voyage to America. The author writes that Asian immigration to the U.S. began over a century ago, in 1830 Chinese immigrants entered New York, since then Asian immigrants have become one of largest foreign-born groups in America. The paper introduces a Taiwanese immigrant, Wu Hsiung Chu and presents the details of his life in Taiwan and his immigration to the United States of America.
“Asian people were excluded from entering the United States, until the Immigration Act of 1965. This act allowed immigration from countries such as China, India, Korea, and the Philippines to grow. In addition to the immigration Act of 1965 another law in 1975 created a program of resettlement for refugees fleeing Cambodia and Vietnam.

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A year later, the program was extended to include Laotians. (People Is Plural)
Vietnamese immigration was slow until 1970 when it began building rapidly through the fall of Saigon in 1975. After that it increase with thousands of Vietnamese were admitted under refugee provisions created in an effort to save a half million South Vietnamese who fled Vietnam in tiny boats. During the highest point of Vietnamese immigration in the mid to late 70s, an average of 120,000 entered Vietnamese people came to the country each year. The Vietnamese American population is the most geographically concentrated among Asian groups. The largest waves of refugees were handled through Camp Pendleton located in Oceanside, California, and most of these Vietnamese immigrants settled in the Westminster area of nearby Orange County. (Parsing Asian America) ”

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