Asiatic Mindshare Ltd

1 January 2017

Background Information of the Company: Mindshare, a GroupM company, is one of the world’s largest media investment management companies with over 6000 employees in 115 offices around the globe. Mindshare was launched in September 1997 as a global concept with the goal of pooling the media planning, implementation and research operations of J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather into a single client resource. This combination offers unrivaled service in traditional and non-traditional areas of media.

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Its focus is on attracting and retaining the best talent, and developing the best systems, tools and insights to guide its strategic, tactical, and implementation operations. As a global company, Mindshare works hard to develop, identify and apply its best practices across the network. With its scale, Mindshare is better able to amortize the high cost of world-class system development. Mindshare goes above and beyond traditional media planning and buying. It is able to redefine media and approach it from a broader perspective, by incorporating expertise from WPP Group companies together with Mindshare specialist units.

As mentioned earlier, Mindshare was created in 1997 and designed to be the first truly global full-service media company. It is called Mindshare because of it has the belief in collaboration and the integration of services with its people, its clients, creative partners, research partners, media owners and all other colleagues. Its people believe ‘mind share’ is the ultimate measure of communication: combining innovative media solutions with tangible business results. Securing competitive deals is fundamental for Mindshare and its critical volume ensures favored customer status with powerful media owners.

Mindshare people are able to redefine media and approach it from Group companies together with the Mindshare specialist units. These include TV program production, forecasting, digital and interactive media, sponsorship, research, direct response and idea generation. This approach allows them to deliver the brand message through the most effective media to the consumer. Critically they ensure this delivery is accountable and relevant to business and marketing objectives. The Mindshare way of Media, Mindshare’s unique working process ensures a consistent and thorough approach to delivering ‘House of Media’ solutions.

This process is its operational backbone, supplemented by the distinct skills and practices of each foreign market office. 1. 2 Mission: Mindshare’s mission is to secure competitive advantage for clients in a media world which is changing beyond recognition, and which is defined by the fragmentation of mass media and high levels of media inflation. This demands creative, intelligent thinking and formidable buying power. Mindshare- the house of media- delivers both.

It started its operation in Bangladesh in June 2001 as a joint venture of Mindshare World and Asiatic MCL, one of the leading advertising agencies in Bangladesh. Since then it has been bringing significant changes in local media scenario and of course in their clients’ media investment. In Bangladesh it is the first of its kind, as it is a complete media planning, buying & research company. It is a driver of media research in Bangladesh media market. Currently there are dedicated people working in Asiatic Mindshare. Most of them are Business background (BBAs, MBAs) and have specially trained on media operation from home & abroad.

The largest media consumption in the country happens through Asiatic Mindshare. Asiatic Mindshare’s revenue is growing day by day from its inception. Following chart shows the revenue growth of Asiatic Mindshare in million US$. [pic] Figure 1: Revenue growth of Asiatic Mindshare (in million US$. ) Source: Mindshare Website. Available: www. Mindshareworld. com 2. 2 Mindshare – Global Touch: Mindshare – First truly global media company operating in 70 countries with offices employing over 6000 media professionals. Mindshare was founded on the merger of the media operations of J.

Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather, Mindshare is poised to become the first truly global media company. Being the largest media buyer in the world with full range of communication, it has network built on successful clients. Mindshare has certain edge over its competitions-Collaboration across WPP and with outside partners. It also has network solutions, full service offering, volume & market place influence. [pic] Figure 2: Mindshare’s presence around the world 2. 3 Mindshare’s Achievement- ‘Mindshare retains the global Lufthansa business’:

Following an international pitch, Mindshare was able to successfully defend its long-time client Lufthansa. As lead agency, Mindshare Germany will continue to coordinate the account, effective in about 40 countries worldwide, from its office in Frankfurt. Key regions are Europe, Asia and North America. 2. 4 Mindshare “Mbassador” Network Mindshare has a global communications and information network. One representative namely Mbassador per market is the point of contact for all internal or external communication and marketing matters.

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